Race for the Spike Road Race

Road Edition

Targeted to road cyclists seeking a challenge


7:30 a.m., Saturday, July 29, 2017. An 11-mile mass start time trial beginning on Arkansas Street in downtown Rogers, and racing to Avoca and back. The goal is to beat the A&M train and mountain bike racers back to downtown Rogers. $50 gift cards and cycling caps to the top male and female finishers. Cyclists who beat the train win an engraved railroad spike. On-line registration closes at midnight on July 27. On-site registration for the Race For The Spike will only be on Friday, July 28 from 4:00–7:00 pm.


The Algebra: If a bike rider leaves downtown Rogers and travels 5.65 miles north on Arkansas Street to Avoca, and the A&M train leaves Avoca traveling south at the same time the bike rider leaves Rogers, what speed will the bike rider need to average to beat the train back to downtown Rogers if the train takes 34 minutes to complete the trip from Avoca to Rogers?



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